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Whether you have inherited a loved one’s Estate, moving into a smaller home, or liquidating a business, Legacy's experienced staff will bring over 20 years experience in antiques, collectibles and home furnishings market and help you make top dollar for your merchandise. Click here to meet our team!


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Our service/company/FAQs

Are there any up front charges to have Legacy conduct an estate sale? What is Legacy’s commission? Am I liable if someone is hurt on my property? These are most likely just a start to the questions you may have before committing to our service. Check out our FAQs to learn more!


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“Hard work has made Legacy one of the best!” Take a look at our testimonials to see how Legacy works hard to fully understand the client's needs and carry out the best estate sale service in the Tampa area!



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Prior to and during the event we make a point of marketing your estate sale by electronic marketing, e-mail blasts to potential customers, community advertising, posting pictures of items on websites, and professional signage.

Providing the best team

To ensure efficiency and success at your sale we put forward the best team. Legacy provides an appropriate number of sales associates and customer service personnel and a designated security individual.Our team will organize and price your sale to generate a maximum profit for your items.

With you until the very end

We don’t leave you hanging at the end of your sale. Coordination of donating and picking-up of items remaining after the sale will be completed. After the removal of all the item the home is broomed, vacuumed and left in a clean condition. To conclude our service we provide adequate accounting details and prompt payment.

Legacy is committed to minimizing your stress and maximizing your revenue from the sale of all of the estate items. Our professionals have the experience, knowledge and a full network of reputable channel sources that will assure you of a trouble-free, high profit and successful liquidation.




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COO Bill Ryan
William “Bill” Ryan received a B.A. degree from Michigan State University. He has served as the Senior Vice President of sales for several medical device firms and has developed sales organizations and corporate account programs in the health care industry. Most recently, he served as patient safety advisor and director of sales for a home health care firm. He is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Legacy Estate Solutions.


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