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We Ensure Solutions


Legacy was founded in 2009 by Dr. G. W. Perritt and has built a solid reputation for honesty and fairness for over 9 years. Our pricing specialist has over 20 years of selling and buying experience with antiques, collectibles, tools, silver, furniture, artwork and general merchandise.

                                         We Ensure Solutions
No cost on evaluating your customized solution. Extensive Advertising. Professional displays and setup for your sale. Sorting and organizing entire estate’s contents. Experience and research to ensure appropriate pricing. Friendly and professional staff to host and ensure a successful and safe sale. Sensitive data returned to you or shredded at your request.  Fast settlement assures you receive funds promptly.


All staff are regularly trained by our certified OSHA, HAZWOPER, Asbestos Control and Mold Remediation specialist to assure their safety and compliance with all safety and EPA requirements. Our loving clients can attest to our professionalism and care displayed in all of our testimonies



Let us help answer some of your questions

Q: Are there any up front charges to have Legacy conduct an estate sale?
A:    Legacy does not charge you for anything involved in the sale. Disposal of non-saleable items, transporting items to a recycling center or charity, advertising, preparation for the sale and broom cleaning of the residence all are included in the commission. There are no additional fees unless you request other services or excessive amounts of trash need to be removed.

Q: What is Legacy’s commission?
A:  40% of the total sales revenue. Legacy assumes all of the costs of preparing for and conducting a profitable sale including: removing unsaleable items and normal amounts of trash, cleaning sales items as necessary, arranging tasteful displays, advertising, security, removing all unsold items and leaving the residence broom clean.

Q: Am I liable if someone is hurt on my property?
A:   Your property and liability insurance will cover any injuries that are deemed to be caused by your negligence. Legacy also maintains liability insurance to protect you if an injury is due to our negligence. However, we conduct extensive initial and ongoing safety inspections and repair any potential hazardous situations such as loose carpeting before allowing employees or buyers to enter the property. Warning signs are placed by all transition areas such as steps, low ceilings or other potential hazards. These additional precautions will reduce risks significantly for you, your buyers, and Legacy.

Q: How are my property and assets protected
A:   Legacy takes measures far beyond what other companies do to protect your possessions. Among them are: security cameras - if requested , changing all locks if requested and securing other possible points of entry, providing a uniformed officer of the law if requested, having staff specifically trained to protect against theft and. assuring all smoke and carbon monoxide monitors work. Every possible measure is taken to prevent damage to your residence such as providing a qualified mover to remove large items and controlling the number of buyers in the residence at one time.

Q: How can I be assured I receive maximum value for my assets?
A:   Maximum value is achieved by Legacy selling all of your items at the highest price possible. Having pricing higher than the market will bear results in not being able to sell all of your items. Pricing that is too low results in not obtaining a fair market value. Legacy’s Pricing Director has over 20 years of experience buying and selling all types of household items. The Director knows what the best price is for most of what you own. For specialized items we have a complete network of experts in high-end art, antiques etc. that will provide guidance on your behalf. Additionally, some items will fetch a much higher price if they are sold through other channels such as auto dealers, jewelers, art galleries etc. than they would at an estate sale. Legacy will contact several individuals in their specific fields and sell to the highest bidder.

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