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  • # HOA will not allow estate sales
  • # Gated community that doesn’t allow estate sales
  • # Can’t have an estate sale but have to sell most of my things.
  • # Pick up everything and sell off site
  • # Quick estate liquidation 
  • # Full service professional estate sale
  • # Don’t want to have an estate sale but need everything sold.
  • # Do not have enough for a regular estate sale
  • # Clean out needed and possible estate sale
  • # Everything has to be taken out but only have a short time
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  • Legacy Estate Solutions Process

    - Pick up every saleable item and carefully mark them to assure the client will receive full credit for their items.
  • Unsaleable items will either be donated if possible or taken to a landfill.

  • - Move saleable items to the appropriate sales venues:
    Furniture will either be moved to another Legacy estate sale or to other sales venues.
    Sporting items such as firearms, sporting equipment, tools, costume jewelry etc. will be taken to another Legacy sale.
    Higher value items such as high-end costume jewelry, collectibles, mid-range artwork and other unique items will be sold on the internet.
    - Fine China will be evaluated by several China replacement companies and first be taken to a Legacy sale.
    - Precious metals that have no value above the spot market will be smelted.
    - Signed original artwork, sculptures, high end antiques, collections of fine crystal, antique sterling flatware and other high value items will be taken to the international auction held once per month.
    - Automobiles, motorcycles and boats will be advertised on the internet and sold at Legacy estate sales. 

    Items taken to Legacy sales but not sold may be taken to the next sale.
    Payments will be made as soon as possible after receiving statements from the alternate sales venues until all items are sold.

    Traditional Sales Process

    12 days to sale - Safety inspection and remediation of faults. Dispose of hazardous waste.

  • 11 days to sale - Contact homeowners association and local code enforcement regarding signage, parking etc. co-ordinate with realtor, obtain a supply of their cards or sales sheet for property, determine resources for sale- tables, lighting etc., assign sales and set up teams with managers, secure all entry points, check window locks etc., determine appropriate local advertising.

  • 11 days to 7 days to sale - Clean out refuse, arrange flow patterns, display items from cabinets etc. on covered tables. Touch up scratches etc. on furniture and polish same.

  • 7 days to sale - photograph all items, write ad and place sale on 6 web sites, explore all alternative channels for appropriate items and determine appropriate number of customers allowed in the residence at any one time- consult with Fire Marshall

  • 7 days to end of sale - answer all Facebook etc. inquiries

  • 5 to 3 days to sale - price standard items (couches, chairs etc.), research all major or unique items and price, make marketing calls on local business, antique shops etc. Post flyers where possible.

  • 3 days to sale - Update all websites.

  • 2 days to sale - finalize all pricing and establish special processes for sale, email campaign to subscriber list, secure possible alternate exit points.

  • 1 day to sale - final pricing adjustments, clean house and place signage, pre-sale advanced showing to antique and other trade sources.

  • Day 1 of sale - assemble sales team no later than 8:30 AM to review general and special processes and update all on special features or conditions of sale for certain high value items, 7:00 a.m. start passing out numbers for buyers. Continue as required.

  • End of day 1- post sales meeting to discuss relevant issues and re-price as required.

  • Day 2 of sale - team to arrive at 8:30. Vacuum/sweep and rearrange as needed, pass out numbers if necessary. Review alternate channel pricing to assure any discounts do not go below offer.

  • Day 3 of sale - team to arrive no later than 8:30 a.m. Clean and rearrange as required. Review pricing vs donation with team. Arrange for charity pick-up and clean-out.

  • Post Sale
    Personally inspect residence to assure proper cleaning of residence. Match receipts with cash, credit card receipts and checks. Compile sales tax due. Compile sales data, client pay-out, deliver paychecks to staff.   
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